Regulating Generative AI – Is it all just a question of trust?

The legal profession is increasingly using generative AI (Gen AI) tools like Open AI‘s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, or Microsoft’s Bing Chat, which can lead to improved productivity and efficiency but also generate inaccurate data and cause hallucinations.

Ethics, care and competence are crucial contributions to trustworthiness, and lawyers need to exercise independent judgment while using Gen AI responsibly. There are guidelines, orders, or rules issued on Gen AI usage in the legal profession, but some are vague in their definition of AI or do not specify which technology to disclose.

The use of Gen AI tools in practice must align with pre-existing ethical obligations, and penalties can be imposed for disregarding pre-established professional conduct rules. Trust is a critical factor in adopting and using any technology, and there are various factors that can influence a tool’s trustworthiness.

Source: Centre for Legal Innovation



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