AI Ethics Guidance Arrives Amid Rapid Legaltech Deployments

As larger companies launch AI-driven tools and legal ethics AI guidelines begin to emerge, what will come next? There’s no telling. The practice of law, and even how we perceive the nature of legal work, is undergoing a significant change. Rapid generative AI advancement has placed the legal industry at a crossroads, and regardless of the path chosen, things may never be quite the same.

In November, the legal industry saw two significant generative AI developments, showcasing the swift evolution of this technology. A few weeks ago, Thomson Reuters announced the integration of generative AI into a number of their platforms. In contrast, LexisNexis announced the further roll-out of generative AI into their suite of products.

As we witness the rapid deployment of generative AI tools by leading legaltech companies, the simultaneous arrival of legal ethics guidance is timely and necessary. The novelty of generative AI technology and the unprecedented pace of technological advancement have placed legal professionals in an uncomfortable position: risk obsolescence or adopt untested generative AI tools with no clear guidance on how to do so ethically.

Source: Above the Law



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