Joint initiative for trustworthy AI

ETH Zurich and EPFL are launching the “Swiss AI Initiative”, whose purpose is to position Switzerland as a leading global hub for the development and implementation of transparent and reliable artificial intelligence (AI). The new Alps supercomputer based at the Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) provides the supporting world-class infrastructure.

The initiative aims to develop and train new large language models (LLM). These must be transparent, deliver comprehensible results and meet legal, ethical and scientific criteria. “Unlike the large language models usually available in the public domain today, the Swiss AI Initiative strongly emphasised transparency and Open Source. 

To develop such models, the Swiss AI Initiative will use ten million GPU hours on the new Alps computer over the next 12 months, equivalent to the computing power of a single GPU running at full load for over 1,100 years. Switzerland is, therefore, the first country in the world to operate a research infrastructure on the next-generation NVIDIA Grace Hopper Superchip.

Source: Eth Zurich






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