AI is set to transform how we get legal advice, but it could still leave people without access to justice

The legal profession has used AI to automate reviews and predict outcomes for several years, mostly in large firms. However, by 2022, three-quarters of the most prominent solicitor’s law firms were using AI. The trend is shifting towards small and medium firms, indicating a mainstream utilisation of AI in the legal profession. AI has the potential to benefit both legal professionals and clients significantly, but its rapid expansion has also increased the urgency of calls to assess potential risks.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) predicts that AI could benefit smaller firms by reducing costs and increasing transparency in legal decision-making, assuming the technology is well-monitored. However, errors resulting from so-called “hallucinations” can lead to lawyers providing improper advice to clients.

The technology’s true impact on access to justice is not yet clear, and the hype around AI implies that those who face litigation will be equipped with expert tools to guide them through the process. Nonetheless, many public members might not have regular or direct access to the internet, the devices required, or the finances to gain access to those AI tools. As technology evolves at a monumental rate, there is real potential for a large gap regarding who can access legal services.

Source: Startup Daily



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