Generative AI and the small law firm: Leveling the playing field

Many lawyers already understand the benefits and competitive advantages of leveraging generative AI in client service. In Thomson Reuters’ Future of Professionals report, legal professionals identified many applications for AI, including speeding up drafting and editing client communications, assisting clients with updates on changing regulations and legislation, and improving the readability of the documents they share with clients. The study also identified research and document review as tasks in which efficiency and improved response times will benefit clients.

However, the survey identified a larger and more strategic benefit that should be of particular interest to small firm lawyers. Most professionals believe AI will result in greater appreciation of their higher-level professional skills.

And this is key, because one of the reasons many lawyers and clients choose small law firms is the opportunity to work in consultative and trusting client-advisor relationships. AI is likely to have its most significant impact on lawyer tasks that are largely hidden from clients, and streamlining those tasks creates an opportunity to enhance long-term relationships with clients and allow lawyers to focus on those human engagements that clients value.

Source: Thomson Reuters





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