Improve legal service delivery: Guide helps legal professionals use generative AI to advance their practice

Legal professionals see the potential of generative AI and other advanced technologies. Eighty-two per cent of law firm attorneys surveyed in 2023 believe that generative AI could be applied to legal work. And the in-house counsel they serve wa to see law firms using technology in legal service delivery. A Thompson Hine survey found that 96% of law department leaders and legal operations staff wish their law firms would use innovation to save them money. 

In “How generative AI will help lawyers improve legal service delivery” a new report from Thomson Reuters some knowledge workers have expressed fears that generative AI will eventually put them out of a job because their businesses or clients will be able to do their work without them.  

On the contrary not only will generative AI help professionals reduce busy work it enables them to deliver better client outcomes. 

“Some tasks will be automated, but the fundamental transformation will be how legal work is reimagined and improved. AI presents an enormous opportunity for legal because so much of what lawyers do today can be further enhanced with AI, and client outcomes can be improved.” 

Rather than replacing legal professionals, generative AI will help them spend time applying their considerable wisdom to legal matters – creating even more value for clients and businesses.  

Generative AI promises to profoundly change the way legal professionals deliver services. But not every lawyer will benefit equally. Successful lawyers will understand that their domain knowledge is a competitive advantage as they help deploy AI systems that embody and amplify that knowledge.

Source: Thompson Reuters






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