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In the conversation about the future of artificial intelligence in society, universities sit at a crucial spot.

They face a dilemma regarding AI: it could accelerate their research, but it could also lead to mistakes. They have a lot of confidential data that could train AI, but they must protect it. They must prepare students for a future where automation will change job opportunities. Productivity gains from AI may be seen as cheating in academia, but they help generate drafts, summarise texts, and brainstorm ideas in the professional world.

Universities must decide how AI fits into their mission of fostering human intelligence. Some universities are cautious or resistant, but Arizona State University embraces AI by partnering with OpenAI and gaining access to ChatGPT Enterprise. ASU is already using AI in some class settings and plans to expand. The university is overwhelmed with ideas from faculty and staff for AI bots to help students with personalised feedback on papers, virtual labs, and financial aid applications. Augmenting human intelligence and education is the goal of ASU.

The potential for generative AI to transform higher education has not been seen since the arrival of the consumer internet. ASU is aware of the risks of AI, such as data and intellectual property theft and false information. The university has ensured that none of its data will be used to train OpenAI algorithms. The AI will be informed by the university’s resources to avoid misleading or fabricated results. ASU is creating a “walled garden” to protect its data with more safeguards than the consumer version of ChatGPT. However, the potential for bad actors to misuse AI will grow as education technology companies flood the market. ASU is considering a certification program to validate new technologies that meet security and privacy standards. Gonick is in talks with regulators to oversee the process. The OpenAI partnership has generated interest from regulators and invitations to go to Washington, D.C.

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