Congress Wants Tech Companies to Pay Up for AI Training Data

The issue of whether AI companies should pay for the training data that powers their generative AI systems is hotly contested. At a Senate hearing on AI’s impact on journalism, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle agreed that OpenAI and others should pay media outlets for using their work in AI projects.

Media industry leaders at the hearing described how AI companies were imperiling their industry by using their work without compensation. Curtis LeGeyt, CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters, Danielle Coffey, CEO of the News Media Alliance, and Roger Lynch, CEO of Condé Nast, all spoke in favor of licensing. However, there is less agreement that mandatory licensing is necessary.

Some experts argue that requiring licensing data will be impractical, favour the big firms like OpenAI and Microsoft that have the resources to pay for these licenses, and create enormous costs for startup AI firms that could diversify the marketplace and guard against hegemonic domination and potential antitrust behaviour of the big firms.

Source: Wired





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