AI can narrow justice gap, but women lawyers slower to adopt it, Berkeley study shows

A study by Berkeley Law reveals that legal aid attorneys require better access and training on technology tools that enhance lawyer productivity, particularly AI tools, to facilitate access to justice for low-income Americans.

The study found that 90% of lawyers who had access to the AI tools reported an increase in productivity, with 75% of them expressing continued interest in using the tools. AI companies and legal services organisations should actively encourage attorneys, particularly women, to use AI technology, make it affordable, and provide support on practical usage. Although technology has been touted as a potential solution to the justice gap, scepticism remains that AI alone cannot make much difference without a significant increase in legal aid funding.

Participants used AI technology for various tasks, including legal research, summarising court opinions, drafting, translating, and automating documents. Researchers found that participants who received additional support and training on the AI programs had better outcomes. While the majority of participants expressed interest in continuing to use AI, many of them were concerned about AI tools producing inaccurate results, data privacy, and confidentiality issues.

Source: Reuters






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