Generative AI and Legal Aid: Results from a Field Study and 100 Use Cases to Bridge the Access to Justice Gap

The study involved a field test of lawyers using AI tools and a survey of legal aid professionals. Participants who used generative AI tools reported increased productivity, and 75% intended to continue using the tools. Women were less inclined to use or value the tools initially, but outcomes for men and women were statistically indistinguishable by the end of the trial. Participants who received concierge services achieved better outcomes than the control group. The study suggests that legal-aid lawyer-directed technological solutions have the most significant potential to increase service coverage. The authors recommend exploring regulatory sandboxes and devising ways to institute voluntary certification or “seal of approval” programs for legal aid bots. They also provide a database of 100 helpful use cases to facilitate broader adoption of AI tools.

Source: Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review






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