3 ways AI can help draft legal documents faster

LexisNexis conducted a survey on the potential impact of generative AI on the practice of law and found that 67% of US corporate counsel respondents anticipated their lawyers to use generative AI tools. 56% of lawyers cited drafting legal documents as a key use case for generative AI. In response to this, LexisNexis has launched Lexis Create, an intelligent document drafting tool that can be used as an add-on for Microsoft Word. The tool uses AI to help legal professionals create polished legal documents filled with authoritative and verifiable content from LexisNexis while remaining in the familiar Microsoft Word environment. The tool is directly integrated with Lexis+ AI, which speeds up and simplifies legal drafting. The tool’s value lies in its ability to support the drafting of any legal document, from transactional matters to a full range of litigation documents.

Source: Lexis Nexis



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