What’s next for AI in 2024

About a year ago, we made some predictions of technology. We thought that chatbots (like computer programs that can talk to you) would start using more than just words – they would also use pictures and sounds. We also thought governments would create new rules about how companies can use artificial intelligence (AI). That turned out to be true – both the US and Europe made some new laws. We also guessed that smaller companies would start making more AI technology than big companies like Google and Microsoft. That was true – smaller companies are growing, but the big companies are still the most popular. Finally, we thought that AI would change the manufacture of medicines. That might be true in the future, but we don’t know yet. Now, we’re making more predictions about what might happen next.

First, customised chatbots will become more user-friendly and accessible to the general public, with AI giants Google and OpenAI developing platforms that allow people to create mini chatbots that cater to their specific needs. 

Second, generative AI’s second wave will be video, with text-to-video being the new frontier. The quality of generative video models has improved significantly, and top movie studios are exploring the use of generative AI in their production pipeline.

Things like how AI affects our lives and the future of generative AI will be essential topics to pay attention to. But we’ll have to wait until next year to see if they were right!

Source: MIT Technology Review



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