With Launch of New AI Features, LawToolBox Is First Legal App Approved for Use with Copilot for Microsoft 365

LawToolBox AI uses the Azure OpenAI service and can be added to Copilot for Microsoft 365. In both cases, the company says, the AI assistant is secure because it is processed entirely inside each customer’s Microsoft 365 cloud. LawToolBox AI interprets customer data from within Microsoft 365, only processing data they can access. Customers’ prompts and responses are never used to train language models that benefit other legal professionals.

Also, because users can bring their own licenses of Azure OpenAI, they will be able to develop their own prompts and run them against specific documents or a web URL. This will allow them to use the assistant for functions such as clause extraction or summarization.

Key features of the new LawToolBox AI include:

  • Extracting deadlines from emails and attachments then add to user/matter calendar.
  • Mapping deadlines from links to civil rules and other documents.
  • Summarizing emails and attachments, and other documents.
  • Drafting responses to emails

In addition, the LawToolBox app for Microsoft Teams has been updated with natural language capabilities, enabling users to inquire about weekly deadlines, recent matters, find other team members who have time to respond to deadlines and tasks, and reschedule meetings through simple conversational inputs.

Source: Law Sites






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