Microsoft Copilot is now generally available

Copilot, the AI chatbot formerly known as Bing Chat, is out of preview. That means Copilot is now available in 105 languages and 169 countries “on all modern browsers for mobile and web,” according to Caitlin Roulston, the director of communications at Microsoft.

Even though the preview label is going away today, Microsoft will continue to 

 “launch new features in preview while we iterate, listen to feedback, and improve the experience for our users.”

When Microsoft announced Bing Chat earlier this year, the company described the chatbot as an “AI-powered copilot for the web,” and since then we’ve seen the company use the Copilot branding for several AI efforts after GitHub originally used the Copilot name last year. 

This new rebranding means Copilot is becoming more of a standalone experience that you don’t have to navigate to Bing to access anymore. Bing is simply part of what powers Copilot now. But the move away from Bing is an interesting one, given Microsoft put a lot of effort into launching its AI efforts inside its search engine and positioned it as a way to steal market share from Google.

“I’m excited to announce that Copilot (formerly Bing Chat) has moved out of public preview and is now generally available, expanding access to better answers, new efficiency, and instant creativity.”

— Jordi Ribas (@JordiRib1) December 1, 2023

Source: The Verge






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