What AI tools are available for solicitors in Australia?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently become a game-changer in law. Australian solicitors are now flooded with AI tools to make their work more efficient. However, not all AI tools are the same. Generative AI is a more sophisticated AI tool that can learn from past data to create new content like text, images, and computer code. It can help solicitors perform tasks like legal research, reviewing, drafting, and summarising documents. It is no surprise that law firms are rapidly adopting these tools, with 69% of private practice professionals believing generative AI will increase efficiency and reduce costs.

AI tools can streamline workflows, freeing up time and automating mundane tasks. Solicitors can then focus on the higher-level aspects of their practice. As the legal industry evolves, embracing AI will be imperative to remain competitive and serve clients better.

Here are a few examples of what AI can do for solicitors:

  • – Legal research: AI can help solicitors search through vast databases to find relevant information quickly.
  • – Reviewing and summarising contracts: AI can evaluate if contracts adhere to policies and quickly summarise documents to streamline the contract review process.
  • Drafting legal correspondence: AI can help draft letters or emails related to legal matters, saving time and ensuring consistent and precise communication.
  • – Searching vast legal databases: AI can navigate databases to retrieve relevant information efficiently.

AI won’t replace solicitors but will complement their skills. It can enhance what solicitors do by creating a synergy between human expertise and AI capabilities. In the practice of law, this means streamlining workflows, which frees up solicitor’s time for more strategic advisory work.

Source: Thomson Reuters



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