Legal AI vs. ChatGPT: What Makes Them Different?

LexisNexis has been leading the way in the development of legal AI tools for years, working to provide lawyers with products that leverage the power of AI technology to support key legal tasks. 

Legal AI tools, such as Lexis+ AI, are technology platforms that have been specifically created, developed and trained for use in the practice of law. 

LexisNexis leverages other large language models that are appropriate for specific search use cases, including Anthropic.

The emergence of generative AI is a game changer. Over the last 10 years, LexisNexis has spent more than $1 billion investing in its technology stack so we can incorporate this breakthrough technology into our products.

 LexisNexis has been on the leading edge of innovation with this new category of Legal AI technology with several search features in production today that use GPT-3, and have been working with ChatGPT and GPT-4 since it was released. 

For legal practitioners, the emergence of generative AI tools represents both an exciting realm of opportunity to substantially increase workflow efficiency and a sober time for caution about how you proceed.

Source: LexisNexis






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