Legal tech teams turn to AI to advance business goals

The FT’s Accelerating Business series has looked at the growing contribution of legal services providers in meeting the fast-changing needs of business.

Increasingly, the focus has turned to generative AI and its potential to transform legal work. Previous articles in the series have covered the technology’s role in contract review, ensuing data privacy concerns, and those tech providers competing to offer the latest tools to clients.

Last November’s release of the ChatGPT chatbot kick-started months of experimentation to see how generative AI could be applied to legal tasks.

As the initial buzz surrounding generative AI’s impact on the legal sector begins to subside, a more nuanced understanding of where the tech can be applied is emerging. The examples in the article highlight how the legal arms of the Big Four professional services firms, and some from the legal technology sector, are applying the technology to accelerate legal work. These examples show that, when applied appropriately, it can be a powerful tool.







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