Thomson Reuters launches series of Generative AI solutions for legal professionals

Thomson Reuters has announced a generative AI-based toolkit to enable legal professionals to quickly gather deeper insights and deliver a better work product.

AI-Assisted Research on Westlaw Precision allows customers to ask complex legal research questions in natural language and quickly receive synthesized answers, with links to supporting authority from Westlaw content and links to further examine that authority. 

AI-Assisted Research streamlines the initial phase of legal research with sophisticated answers to questions and the authority those answers are based on, saving hours of work. AI-Assisted Research employs Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to prevent the large language models (LLMs) from hallucinations by focusing the LLMs on the actual language of Westlaw content.

The company also announced that it will be building on the AI assistant experience Casetext created with AI legal assistant CoCounsel. With more than 4,000 hours of rigorous testing and training by more than 1,400 customers since its launch in May – including input from law firms, corporations, and government agencies. CoCounsel Core is the commercial offering of legacy CoCounsel skills helping increase the efficiency, accuracy, and quality of legal practise —allowing lawyers to focus on what’s most valuable.

“AI-Assisted Research on Westlaw Precision and CoCounsel Core provide the most comprehensive set of generative AI skills that attorneys can use across their research and workflow.” 

David Wong, chief product officer at Thomson Reuters.

Source: Australasian Lawyer



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