This Tech Exec Quit His Job to Fight Generative AI’s Original Sin

Ed Newton-Rex, former head AI designer at TikTok, has launched a nonprofit organisation called Fairly Trained. The organisation offers a certification program called L Certification that identifies AI companies that license their training data ethically. To receive Fairly Trained’s certification label, a company must prove that its training data was either explicitly licensed for training purposes, in the public domain, offered under an appropriate open license, or already belonged to the company. Nine companies have received the certification so far. OpenAI claims it is impossible to create generative AI services like ChatGPT without using unlicensed data, but Fairly Trained and the companies that received the certification disagree. The movement to overturn the AI industry’s standard approach of scraping training data at will is still in its infancy, and Fairly Trained is a one-person operation.

Source: Wired



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