Microsoft says it will protect customers from AI copyright lawsuits

Generative AI applications use existing content such as art, articles and programming code to generate new material that can simplify or automate a range of tasks. Artists, writers and software developers are already filing lawsuits or raising objections about their creations being used without their consent.

The use of existing content could raise novel questions about the fair use of copyrighted materials, a legal defense that allows the use of content in certain cases. The fair-use doctrine itself has been further complicated by a May Supreme Court ruling in favour of a photographer who accused the Andy Warhol estate of improperly using her work to create 16 images of the late musician Prince.

Microsoft Corp. says it will defend buyers of its artificial intelligence products from copyright infringement lawsuits, an effort by the software giant to ease concerns customers might have about using its AI “Copilots” to generate content based on existing work.

Microsoft also pledged to pay related fines or settlements and said it has taken steps to ensure its Copilots respect copyright.

Source: Australasian Lawyer






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