Center for Legal Innovation appoints distinguished fellow

The Center for Legal Innovation (CLI) has appointed Dr Mitchell Adams as a Distinguished Fellow in Emerging Technologies with a focus on legal prompt engineering; the powerhouse for generative AI implementation. 

New roles are emerging in this area. It will invariably become a critical skill for all legal practitioners. Research in this area is still emerging. For all these reasons, this Fellowship is timely, practical and ground breaking, in a high priority and much needed area.

As a CLI Distinguished Fellow (Emerging Technologies), Mitchell will draw on his experience in practice, as a tech developer, researcher and teacher to undertake a deep dive into legal prompt engineering.

Mitchell’s work will include identifying and developing education opportunities in prompt engineering, a framework for classification of legal generative AI, and a methodology to connect the dots between the two, through a series of webinars, podcasts, blogs and white/papers/reports.

“I am excited to join CLI as a Distinguished Fellow and explore the ever-evolving landscape of law and technology. This appointment underscores our collective commitment to fostering innovation in the legal field,” 

Source: Centre for Legal Innovation






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