ChatGPT Is a Lot More Valuable to Lawyers Now

Lawyers complained that ChatGPT was not entirely useful to them because it was limited to data before September 2021 —preventing a lot of lawyers from using ChatGPT in any major way. However, now ChatGPT can browse the internet. 

A lot of lawyers have asked about securing AI. From the lawyer’s point of view, you should always designate your conversations with AI as private and not to be used for training.

AI companies are aware of the dangers and, presumably, acting to monitor for data poisoning and other AI security hazards.

When working with AI, it is often asked, “What could go wrong?” The answer is a lot.

There are many guides to implementing a secure AI framework that is entirely beyond the understanding of most lawyers. Therefore lawyers should use AI that has established a reputation for security. 

As law firms begin rapidly using AI, training law firm employees on the use of AI is becoming a critical component of law firm security — and training is too often omitted.

Source: Attorney at work






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