AI should serve family provision litigation, Supreme Court judge says

Justice Francois Kunc of the NSW Supreme Court spoke about the potential benefits of AI technology in the legal profession, referencing a study that found that AI had a higher success rate than human legal experts in predicting decisions.

He acknowledged that AI cannot replace all legal services but emphasised its potential to make litigation more effective, especially in cases like family provision. AI could assist parties in resolving their legal matter much faster than going through the court, thereby reducing costs and avoiding emotional hardship.

The Federal Court of Australia is working on creating a machine learning proof of concept that can be applied in family law contexts to assist with property settlements and considers factors such as age, income, length of relationship and children involved.

Justice Kunc believes that the judicious use of AI could facilitate early settlement and disposal of this type of litigation as inexpensively and efficiently as possible, consistently doing justice between the parties.

Source: Lawyers Weekly



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