Litigation Prediction Platform Pre/Dicta Expands Into New Motion Types and Case Timelines

US legal prediction platform Pre/Dicta’s algorithms use AI to uncover judicial patterns reportedly its predictions are 85% accurate for motions to dismiss across all 94 U.S. federal district courts. Its newly released augmented capabilities provide insights into additional motions through AI data profiling including: 

  • summary judgment, 
  • class certification, 
  • venue transfer and
  • compelling discovery

The platform contextualizes its motion analysis, comparing that with the judge’s decisions, as well as other judges within the same circuit and those with analogous biographical profiles. Pre/Dicta’s development of these new features follows its acquisition of shuttered legal analytics company Gavelytics.

Pre/Dicta does the same for case timelines, looking for doppelganger cases to show likely outcomes for the three primary stages of litigation: 

  • prediscovery, 
  • discovery and 
  • trial.

“In the modern legal landscape, understanding the myriad of factors that influence judicial decision-making, and enabling AI to surface critical insights from billions of patterns, is a crucial advantage in any case.”

Dan Rabinowitz Pre/Dicta founder and former litigator

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