Why embrace generative AI now? UpLevel Ops’ Brandi Pack explains

Generative AI is quickly transforming legal technology and if you’re not implementing it, you’ll be considered “legacy” soon enough

But where do you start? How can you prepare for generative AI in your organization?

Generative AI is a master of language, making it great for analysing documents and generating finely-tuned content. It’s also super helpful for searching through vast amounts of data so can help with all the repetitive legal research we’re often tasked with.

Like with any technology you use: garbage in, garbage out. Therefore, if you’re seriously thinking about adopting a new generative AI platform, you should learn about prompt engineering. This directly impacts the quality of content generative AI platforms produce.

Even better, at an organizational level, consider assigning someone in your team to be trained in prompt engineering. That way, you’ll have a dedicated expert who you can leverage to remain competitive.

Source: Joseflegal.com



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