Wanted: a data standard to underpin lawyers’ use of generative AI

The legal industry is increasingly using generative AI, but this technology requires a reliable foundation of accurate and up-to-date data. To achieve this, the legal industry needs to standardize data across different stakeholders to ensure better training of AI models. However, creating such a system is a significant challenge as the legal industry lacks a universal taxonomy, and firms have their own taxonomies and data management systems. Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry (Sali) has developed a common data language and standard for organizing, defining, and categorizing legal data. It aims to connect legal tech vendors, law firms, and their clients and develop a legal equivalent of an electronic healthcare patient record. While some legal tech suppliers have already started incorporating Sali’s standard into their products, it remains unclear how long it will take for all legal tech vendors, law firms, and their clients to adopt it. Sali reduces ambiguity in data and terminology, simplifies interactions, and reduces costs, but firms and legal teams will find standardization a daunting task.

Source: Financial Times






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