These law students got to use AI on final exams. How’d they do?

Researchers compared the final exam scores of 48 students in two courses—Introduction to American Law and Legal Reasoning and Insurance Law. The students first took the final without AI, then took a second, different final using GPT-4.

They found that GPT-4, vastly improved student performance on multiple-choice questions but didn’t help students score higher on the essay portion of the exams.

Students saw a 29 percentage-point improvement over their actual exam scores, which were earned without GPT-4. Those gains were especially pronounced among low-performing students, who saw a 45 percentage-point increase in their exam scores with AI. However, top students’ exam scores were about 20 percentage points lower when using GPT-4.

“This suggests that AI may have an equalizing effect on the legal profession, mitigating inequalities between elite and nonelite lawyers,”

The study suggests that AI within the legal profession will mostly affect paralegals and younger attorneys since some of their tasks can be handled by the developing technology.

Source: Reuters



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