The Legal Industry Is Not Prepared For Career Diversification— Why That Matters And Where To Look For Guidance

Technological advances are accelerating the speed and breadth of change and heightening the importance of adaptation for individuals, the broader workforce, business, and society. Goldman Sachs issued a report projecting generative AI has the potential to affect 25% of all current jobs globally. That’s a staggering 300M total.

A recent McKinsey report on the future of work found that more than 100M workers across eight studied economies may have to switch occupations by the end of this decade. These and other findings confirm that the workforce—including legal professionals—must start preparing for new roles and career diversification.

Most lawyers will have multiple positions during their careers; these more fluid legal careers will recast long-held notions of what it means to be a lawyer. More importantly, new career roles and paths could restore a sense of purpose for many legal professionals as well as revive public trust and confidence in the legal sector.







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