The Law Firm Toolkit for Building Bespoke LLMs

Many law firms lack the resources to build custom LLMs internally but can utilize third-party sandboxes to leverage foundational models. Some providers are now offering domain-specific reinforcement for legal use cases.

The rapid evolution of generative AI, with new providers emerging that offer LLM solutions including accessibility of LLMs for legal applications

The question many firms might have as they contemplate options before them is: 

Where and how exactly do we get started? 

This guide is intended to provide some answers to that question, setting out some useful resources that can support your approach in a variety of ways depending on the appetite your firm or legal department has for building an LLM.

Access to legal content for training these models can be a challenge, and bulk legal datasets have emerged to help. Additionally, training and education are important when implementing generative AI within a firm. 

Some excellent resources have recently been launched to support education around the use of LLMs, including prompts. Understanding how to use prompts is crucial for lawyers to effectively employ LLMs in legal practice.

Source: Legal Tech hub






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