The Future Is Now: The rise of AI-powered legal assistants

If predictions are correct, many aspects of legal work will be impacted by generative AI, and some functions may even be replaced in the years to come. With the trend toward the integration of AI into legal software, it’s essential to prepare for the changes, enhance relevant skills and embrace change

Investment in generative AI requires foundational knowledge about all topics and issues that are the subject of your queries. Importantly legal professionals have an ethical responsibility to thoroughly understand how the technology provider will process, host and store their client’s data. 

However, as generative AI technology advances over time, the overall quality of results will exponentially improve and less oversight will be required.

The emergence of so many AI-based legal assistant tools in such a short time frame is likely to redefine legal workflows at an unprecedented pace; as a result, within a few years, the practice of law may look very different than it does today.

Source: ABA Journal 






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