The End of Lawyers? Not Yet  

The most popular view from  Artificial Lawyer’s survey ‘The End of Lawyers Deadpool’ is that there will be lawyer job losses within two years; the dominant view is that AI will lead to some lawyers losing their roles – with a small minority believing it will ‘never happen’. 

Although an indicative sample – mostly from those with significant knowledge about law and technology – the survey is worth paying attention to in terms of gauging market expectations.

Some have suggested that AI  will usher in the end of the billable hour however that will only happen if this issue is addressed through a new economic model leveraging AI technology.

Although AI is playing a positive and welcome supporting role on the legal stage it will be some time before lawyers lose their job specifically because of the technology. 

Whether AI technology grows into something that combines with systemic change relies on those with all the power: the clients.

Source: Artificial Lawyer



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