Supervising AI: 7 Steps For Lawyers To Create Accountability

Supervision is a familiar concept for professionals in various fields, including lawyers bound by the American Bar Association’s ABA. However, there is yet to be a universally agreed-upon definition of successful supervision or established best practices for overseeing humans or machines. 

As lawyers embrace a transparent and comprehensive approach to AI supervision, companies and society will realize short-term benefits — such as improved efficiency and accuracy — and long-term advancements grounded in fairness and justice. 

Through these 7 steps, lawyers can do more than just confidently supervise AI and ensure accountability for its use. Lawyers can also help promote AI technology’s fair and unbiased development in the legal field to help shape AI’s evolution into a tool that can create equitable outcomes for all. 

As lawyers become responsible for supervising AI technology, one thing remains certain: accountability is vital. Embracing this responsibility gives lawyers the power to help shape AI as a fair and just technological advancement that enhances the pursuit of justice in society.

Source: Above the Law






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