Despite their flaws, tests and benchmarks still demonstrate the rapid advancements in AI capabilities. It is uncertain how long co-intelligence will prevail over independently operating AI agents, as in certain areas, such as diagnosing complex diseases, incorporating human judgment seems to diminish decision-making ability compared to AI alone.

Comprehensive benchmarks established by experts across various fields (beyond just coding) are necessary to gain a deeper understanding of the evolution of these AI capabilities. It would be beneficial to witness extensive initiatives to evaluate AI abilities across academic and professional disciplines, as this may be the sole way to gauge our approach to AGI.

Even without formal measurement methods, as AI continues to outperform human abilities in specific domains, we can anticipate substantial disruptions across industries, ranging from healthcare and law to finance and beyond. The emergence of artificially focused intelligence and co-intelligence systems is likely to result in heightened productivity and efficiency. Still, it may also necessitate reconsideration of the human role in decision-making. While the path to true AGI remains unccertain, a broader cognitive revolution is undoubtedly underway, and its impact will be far-reaching.

Source: One Useful Thing



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