Summize AI Breaks Down Language Barriers in Contract Negotiations

The contemporary global business environment often involves contractual agreements that transcend linguistic and geographical boundaries. This complexity can result in confusion, delays, additional expenditures, and legal complications. 

Developed to overcome these challenges, the Summize AI Assistant assists in-house legal teams in surmounting language barriers. This innovative assistant streamlines the process of contract creation, negotiation, and management across all facets of the business by introducing speed, automation, and intelligence to the process. 

As a super-intelligent assistant, the AI Assistant supports legal teams while drafting and reviewing contracts. It permits the posing of questions, comparisons to Playbook, and even the translation of clauses into various languages, making it ideal for sharing with colleagues worldwide or external parties. 

In the past, clients had to wait for feedback from lawyers who spoke German or French, causing delays and additional costs. However, Summize AI’s language capabilities now make it possible to significantly save time and money without the need for bilingual team members or translators.

Summize AI is an advanced tool that facilitates the summarisation of information into easily comprehensible language. This tool can quickly and effectively identify critical sentences, paragraphs, and clauses within a given text, enabling users to obtain essential information without going through the entire document. This feature is particularly advantageous when reviewing contracts, saving up to 85% of the time otherwise required for this process.

Summize AI is committed to upholding security and has implemented several measures to ensure that sensitive data remains secure. The tool leverages Microsoft technologies and Azure’s highly secure global setup to prevent security breaches. It periodically conducts security tests and employs single sign-on (SSO) and end-to-end cryptographically secure tokens to protect your data. Additionally, Summize AI has established a robust security framework that ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.







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