Should Law Firms Ban Or Embrace Generative AI?

Seven in 10 in-house counsel recently surveyed expect their law firms to use cutting-edge technology, including generative AI tools. Similarly, clients increasingly expect lawyers to use technology to better serve their needs.  Waiting too long or failing to do so could harm your firm’s ability to remain relevant. 

Leveraging generative AI can save lawyers significant time and resources while helping to produce high-quality legal work at lower costs 

Eliminating generative AI from your firm increases your firm’s risk of falling behind in efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and innovation. 

A well-crafted generative AI use policy ensures your firm’s legal professionals know the ethical guidelines surrounding AI usage, including the potential risks and consequences. Its guidance encourages legal professionals to develop and sharpen their technical skills and readily adapt to change — the type of skills and abilities needed to compete in the future.

Source: Above the Law



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