Securing Canada’s AI advantage

There is great potential for AI to transform the economy, improve the way we work, and enhance our way of life. Canada is at the forefront of this technology, and the government is focused on creating more good jobs in innovation and technology. AI is already unlocking massive growth in industries across the economy, and Canada has a world-leading AI ecosystem. To maintain Canada’s competitive edge, the government announced a $2.4 billion package of measures from the upcoming Budget 2024 to secure Canada’s AI advantage. These investments will accelerate job growth in Canada’s AI sector, boost productivity, and ensure this is done responsibly. The measures include investing in computing capabilities and technological infrastructure for Canada’s world-leading AI researchers, start-ups, and scale-ups, boosting AI start-ups, investing in the NRC IRAP AI Assist Program, supporting workers who may be impacted by AI, creating a new Canadian AI Safety Institute, and strengthening enforcement of the Artificial Intelligence and Data Act.

Source: Prime Minister of Canada



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