Robin AI raises $26m to drive expansion in US and APAC

Robin AI is a company that uses artificial intelligence to make legal work faster and easier. It was started in 2019 by Richard Robinson, a lawyer, and James Clough, a machine learning expert. Their technology helps lawyers write and review contracts more quickly, and they can even find important information in old contracts. They have a tool called the legal copilot, which can save a lot of time and make legal work more accurate when added to Microsoft Word.

The company recently got some new funding, which they will use to expand their team and open new offices. They are doing very well in the United States and want to expand to other parts of the world, like Asia. They also want to improve their technology by hiring more experts in artificial intelligence. 

Robin AI has many big companies as customers, such as PepsiCo and PwC. They are trying to make legal work easier and more accessible to everyone, not just big companies with lots of money. They want to use their technology to help people with all legal tasks, like researching laws and explaining legal concepts.







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