Practice Management Company Clio Says It Will Heighten Its Focus On Mid-Sized Law Firms

Clio, a legal technology company, has recently announced its decision to shift its focus and investment towards technology for mid-sized law firms with more than 20 employees. The company, which initially began as a law practice management platform for solos and small firms 16 years ago, aims to address the unique challenges mid-sized firms face in the legal market, where technological advancement defines business success.

According to Jack Newton, Clio’s founder and CEO, mid-sized firms must look ahead to an industry dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure their future technology needs are met. While big law firms are making significant investments in AI, smaller and more agile firms are pacing ahead in adoption, leaving mid-sized firms behind. Clio claims that over 1,000 mid-sized law firms already subscribe to their products, and they intend to invest more heavily in products tailored to this market.

Clio has released its 2024 Legal Trends for Mid-Sized Firms report, which reveals a significant discrepancy in the adoption of cloud-based legal practice management software between mid-sized and smaller law firms. Only 27% of mid-sized law firms are using cloud-based products compared to 73% of smaller firms. Clio suggests that this signals a potential gap in AI readiness and technological integration across the mid-sized segment. The company asserts that cloud-based practice management products can be a critical first step for firms seeking to position themselves to implement AI.

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