Large language models, AI, ML and their impact on the law

  • Scarlett Johansson hired lawyers to push back on ‘eerily similar’ OpenAI voice

    Actress Scarlett Johansson was frustrated after finding that an AI voice used for OpenAI’s chatbot sounded too much like her, which led her to seek legal help for its removal. OpenAI had initially asked her to provide a voice for their chatbot but ended up releasing a voice named Sky that closely resembled hers. OpenAI […]

  • legal ai autonomous agents | frameworks for compound legal ai systems

    Using AI agents within legal practices underscores their ability to streamline tasks like document examination, legal research, and client engagement. It delineates the fundamental elements of AI agent systems, encompassing Memory, Tools, Planning, and Action. It presents tools customised for law firms, like Document Reviewers, Legal Researchers, and Client Managers stressing the significance of strategic […]

  • Chief Justice Andrew Bell flags generative AI as major challenge for justice system as Supreme Court of NSW celebrates bicentenary

    The Chief Justice of Australia’s oldest court, the Supreme Court of NSW, highlighted generative AI as a significant challenge to the justice system. He discussed the potential impact of AI on evidence admissibility, fraud, expert reports, and legal education.  The use of AI in the legal field requires caution and responsibility, and legal organisations are developing […]

  • Superhuman?

    Despite their flaws, tests and benchmarks still demonstrate the rapid advancements in AI capabilities. It is uncertain how long co-intelligence will prevail over independently operating AI agents, as in certain areas, such as diagnosing complex diseases, incorporating human judgment seems to diminish decision-making ability compared to AI alone. Comprehensive benchmarks established by experts across various […]

  • Uncover Launches AI-Driven Case Assistant for Legal Search, Q&A

    Uncover, a Dutch startup, has introduced an AI assistant for legal research and document analysis. The AI utilizes vector search and large language models to understand legal language and simplify document examination. Its features include automatic document categorization, AI-powered document summarization, and the Uncover Case Assistant for specific cases. The integration of generative AI in […]

  • Can AI Help Find Untapped Revenue? Orgaimi + Faegre Drinker Believe So

    Orgaimi is a startup focusing on legal tech and fintech, using AI and data science to analyse client data and identify untapped revenue opportunities. They recently partnered with the US law firm Faegre Drinker to help evaluate services provided to clients and predict client needs. One case study on their website describes how they helped […]

  • Scottish AI startup raises £6m for bespoke LLMs

    Malted, a startup based in Edinburgh, has secured £6 million in funding to transform large language models (LLMs) into specialized smaller models tailored for businesses. The company collaborates with clients to condense the output of LLMs into smaller models customized for specific purposes, offering a more targeted and cost-efficient service. They are currently testing their […]

  • DLA Piper elevates AI and Data Science to the C-Suite with new CDAIO Niresh Rajah

    DLA Piper has appointed Niresh Rajah as its Chief Data and AI Officer to drive the AI and data agenda and continue building data science and AI practices into the firm’s foundations. Rajah has over 20 years of experience in financial and professional services, having executed significant digital and data transformation projects across international organizations. […]

  • Reed Smith hires director of applied AI, Richard Robbins

    Reed Smith, one of the top 50 law firms in the US, has hired Richard Robbins as its first director of applied artificial intelligence. Robbins, who was formerly the managing director of applied AI at Epiq, will lead a team of AI engineers and data scientists and design generative AI, predictive AI, data science, and […]

  • True To Its Name, LexisNexis Unveils New AI Capabilities For Both Its Lexis Legal Service and Its Nexis News Service

    LexisNexis has announced improvements to its Lexis+ AI legal assistant and launched a commercial preview of Nexis+ AI within its Nexis news and business information research service. The enhancements to the AI assistant will include faster delivery of results, conversational guidance for drafting, and improved user experience. Nexis+ AI will provide enhanced research, intelligence and […]

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