Arizona state lawmaker used ChatGPT to write part of law on deepfakes

An Arizona legislator, Alexander Kolodin, used an AI chatbot, ChatGPT, to draft a portion of a new law governing deepfakes in elections. The law permits candidates in Arizona to request a judge to determine the authenticity of a purported deepfake. Kolodin emphasised the importance of seeking advice from a subject matter expert to define what constitutes a deepfake. The federal government has not implemented regulations concerning the use of AI in elections, but several states, including Arizona, have progressed bills to regulate deepfakes.

Kolodin’s bill establishes a mechanism for individuals to seek a court determination on the integrity of a deepfake rather than outlawing or restricting usage. The bill also addresses concerns over disclaimers, stipulating that a person bringing a potential legal action would not have a case if the publisher had indicated that the image or video was a deepfake or its authenticity was in question.

Source: The Guardian





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