NYT sues OpenAI, Microsoft for copyright infringement

The New York Times has filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, alleging the unauthorised use of millions of NYT articles to train sophisticated large language models, which violates copyright laws.

The lawsuit claims that OpenAI systematically replicated extensive volumes of content during the development of AI models, potentially undermining the NYT’s business model by diverting readers and revenue away from its journalism.

The case challenges the methods used in AI development, particularly regarding adherence to copyright laws and ethical AI usage.

The EU AI Act proposes a flexible approach to using copyrighted material in AI training, potentially setting a global standard for AI models trained outside but deployed within the EU.

News publishers have been lobbying Congress for protection against Big Tech firms that use their content for social media and search engine engagement. 

With the advent of AI, news executives are pushing for measures to prevent tech firms from scraping their content under the fair use parameters of the current copyright law. 

News advocates are concerned that without proper regulation, AI companies could pose an existential threat to both newsrooms and AI companies by jeopardising the businesses of the news companies they rely on to train their algorithms.

Source: Axios






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