NY Bar Warns Attorneys of Privacy Risks Posed by AI Tools

The New York State Bar Association’s AI task force has released a report that highlights that attorneys must be cautious about sharing data that could breach client confidentiality when using artificial intelligence. The report recommends educating attorneys about AI and advocating for comprehensive AI legislation to address gaps in regulating the technology. Although AI has the potential to increase access to justice for underserved communities, the task force warns that there are still availability and education gaps that need to be addressed before AI tools can be used by everyone.

AI poses risks to data privacy and cybersecurity, and the increased use of AI could further burden an already-overwhelmed court system. The report suggests that lawyers should follow the rules of professional conduct and be mindful of client privacy when using AI tools and get client consent before using them. Laws and regulations have not kept up with AI development, and the report suggests that the bar should prioritize educating judges, lawyers, law students, and regulators on the use of AI and how to apply existing law to regulate it. The task force concludes that AI may create a “two-tiered legal system” and that it is essential to address the risks and gaps to ensure that everyone can use AI tools.

Source: Bloomberg Law



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