Now you can chat with ChatGPT using your voice

ChatGPT now offers one of five lifelike synthetic voices; you can have a conversation with the chatbot as if you were making a call, getting responses to your spoken questions in real time.

The ability to talk to ChatGPT draws on Whisper, OpenAI’s existing speech-to-text model, which converts what you say into text, which is then fed to the chatbot. A new text-to-speech model converts ChatGPT’s responses into spoken words.

OpenAI is aware of the risk of releasing these updates to the public. Combining models brings whole new levels of complexity; with the company spending months brainstorming possible misuses.

Adding voice recognition to the app could make ChatGPT less accessible for people who do not speak with mainstream accents. Additionally, synthetic voices also come with social and cultural baggage that will shape users’ perceptions and expectations.

Source: MIT Technology Review






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