New Resource Catalogs and Makes Searchable Nearly 600 GPTs Related to Law, Tax and Regulatory Issues

Legalpioneer Copilot has nearly 600 searchable law-related GPTs covering a range of legal, regulatory and tax issues and could be helpful for academics, professionals and businesses.

Raymond Blyd, the Amsterdam-based cofounder of Legalpioneer, said you could consider this site like a RadioShack for building legal agents. 

The site allows anyone to search for GPTs by name, description, or topic. The search takes you to a description of the GPT on the Legalpioneer site, from which you can click to try the GPT directly. (You will need a ChatGPT Plus subscription to use any GPTs for $20 a month.)

Of course, the fact that someone has created a GPT does not mean anyone should rely on the GPT for legal advice. These GPTs provide little or no information on who made them or how. Some have a link to the creator’s website, but often that is not helpful.

However, even with those provisos, the Legalpioneer Copilot helps provide a way to find these GPTs and is fascinating as a way to explore how users are taking advantage of the ability to create their GPTs.

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