New Report Synthesizes the Data to Identify Key Legal Tech Trends and Action Items for Solos and Small Firms

Gavel, a legal technology company, has recently published the 2024 Legal Tech Trends Report for Small and Solo Firms. This report consolidates data from various industry surveys to identify the primary legal tech trends that affect solo and small firms.

The report guides how these firms can prepare for innovation and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. The report focuses on five significant trends and includes planning worksheets for each. These trends include the growing popularity of solo and small firms, the unlocking economies of scale through flat and fixed price agreements, the significance of online payments, the optimisation of profitability and business processes through legal tech, and the necessity of a robust online presence.

The report concludes that utilising the correct legal tech can increase client satisfaction, enhanced client experience, greater profitability, and an improved work-life balance for attorneys.

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