New AI Tool for Patent Lawyers, davinci, Promises Better Patents In Half The Time

Kili Technology has developed an AI-powered tool called davinci, which can generate detailed patent and drawing descriptions in half the time, by using text and drawings as input. The tool has also been designed to assist with responding to office actions and examines both the patent application and the prior art cited by the examiner. 

Davinci has been tested by a hand-picked group of top 100 IP law firms in North America and Europe, who reported time savings of up to 50%. However, access to the application will remain by invitation-only for the next few months.

The application is named davinci after the great inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who is an enduring icon in the realms of creativity, science, and technology. This is to show respect for the invention process and intellectual property, according to François-Xavier (FX) Leduc, cofounder, and CEO of Kili Technology.

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