Neural Notes: The Australian legaltech going after the billable hour

Deeligence, a legal tech startup based in Melbourne, has raised $1 million in funding to automate the legal industry’s due diligence process. Co-founders Elena Tsalanidis and Justin Hansky, both with legal backgrounds, aim to disrupt the legal tech space by using automation to streamline and improve workflow processes for lawyers. The platform uses AI to help lawyers go from a data room of documents to a client-ready report, promoting a fixed fee model that claims to not negatively impact a business’s bottom line. Deeligence plans to use part of the funding to grow its offering and add more features, but has yet to reveal plans to expand into other territories. Tsalanidis believes there is a place for lawyers in the age of AI, stressing the importance of human oversight and the context of client needs.

Source: Smart Company



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