Mistral AI makes its first large language model free for everyone

The Mistral 7B model is available for download by various means, including a 13.4-gigabyte torrent (with a few hundred seeders already). 

Most importantly, the model was released under the Apache 2.0 licence (allowing software developers to alter the source code of existing software source code, copy the source code or update the source code) that has no restrictions on use or reproduction beyond attribution. 

That means the model could be used by a hobbyist, a multi-billion-dollar corporation, or the Pentagon alike, as long as they have a system capable of running it locally or are willing to pay for the requisite cloud resources.

Mistral 7B is a further refinement of other “small” large language models like Llama 2, offering similar capabilities (according to some standard benchmarks) at a considerably smaller computing cost. Foundation models like GPT-4 can do much more, but are far more expensive and difficult to run, leading them to be made available solely through APIs (Application Programming Interface) or remote access.

“Mistral 7B’s performance demonstrates what small models can do with enough conviction.”

Source: Tech Crunch



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