Meet KL3M: the first Legal Large Language Model.

Kelvin Legal has created KL3M1, a large language model designed for enterprise use in legal, regulatory, and financial workflows and applications. KL3M1 is the first model created from scratch solely for the legal domain and is also the largest model trained on legally permissible data.

The first KL3M models, kl3m-170m and kl3m-1.7b, are designed for real-time use on consumer-grade hardware and achieve superior performance. KL3M1 is a family of models that includes various generations, sizes, and purposes. Kelvin Legal plans to release larger Mixture-of-Experts (MoE) models in late Q1/early Q2. KL3M1 is currently available for customers of Kelvin Legal Data OS, and the company is also looking for partners to collaborate on fine-tuning KL3M1 for other domains.

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