LLMs Do Not Obviate the Need for UX

The goal of user experience (UX) designers is to understand their users, how they work, and what their needs are, and to then map a logical and functional user journey that results in an interface that meets those needs. Some of the core technology that has been used in law firms for years is successful because it aligns with the way that lawyers work (making it easier to adopt). Most of the new advanced AI solutions that have popped up in the past months are too new to have really worked out the user journey in a way that aligns the technology with user needs.

One of the main reasons for this is the importance of an interface and a built-out UX that offers a journey through the system that is aligned with the way users work. An LLM provider who tells you they can solve complex problems rapidly by building on advanced AI is not likely to be factoring in the UX that will allow you drive proper adoption of the solution across the firm.

While generative AI is groundbreaking and LLMs can do many things well, the decision to replace existing systems with something new simply because the underlying technology is more advanced is not as simple as it sounds. Keeping user needs, legal workflows and genuine use cases at the heart of such decision-making is critical to ensure you’re making sound decisions.

Source: Legaltech hub





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